Oscar Recap: Let’s Take Some Awards Away…

Altogether pleased with the 2009 Academy Awards, but these two awards should be taken back:

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Dear Penelope Cruz
Just out of curiosity, did you meet with an acting coach prior to Vicky Cristina Barcelona, someone who helped you get into character (perhaps someone your age who was also born and raised in Spain?) or did you find playing the role of Maria Elena to be as natural as it would seem? Not exactly a stretch, it’s like Angelina Jolie as Lisa Rowe in Girl, Interrupted.

You were way better in Volver, when you were nominated (and robbed) for the best leading lady but lost to Helen Mirren who won for her role as Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen, which was more or less a lifetime achievement award, and Helen Mirren playing Queen Elizabeth II does have a few parallels to you playing yourself in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

One of these 3 should be the real winner:

Given the way the awards are typically given out, whether at the Academy Awards, or even in sports, one could conclude that if Penelope Cruze had not won, Taraji Henson would have, given that two nominees for Doubt would’ve canceled each other out. Now I need to see doubt… And, sorry, Marisa Tomei Marisa Tomei, like Penelope Cruz, you were better in Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.

Best Original Screenplay
Dear Dustin Lance Black
Fess up. What source material did you work from when adapting this non-fiction story into an ‘original’ screenplay? Because, clearly you didn’t actually experience this, and had to have learned the story from one of the many biographies and stories created about the life of Harvey Milk, right??

Best original screenplay should’ve gone to Martin McDonagh for In Bruges, which was an excellently written screenplay, featuring among other great lines these, which come as the two first arrive in Bruges and are deciding to walk to the top of the Church of Our Lady spire:
Ken (Brendan Gleeson): Coming up?
Ray (Colin Farrell): What’s up there?
Ken: The view.
Ray: The view of what? The view of down here? I can see that down here.
Ken: Ray, you are about the worst tourist in the whole world.
Ray: Ken, I grew up in Dublin. I love Dublin. If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn’t, so it doesn’t.

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