On Repeat: Surf City’s Surf City EP

I came across Pitchfork’s review of the New Zealand group Surf City’s Surf City EP yesterday (a 7.8) and decided to give it a listen.  And, with a more pop-leaning No Age sound – that sends reminders of one of the bands they cite as an influence on their MySpace profile, Pavement, and is carefree in a ‘we’ve totally got other things we could be doing so let’s make this fun’ way they’re also music reminds me of The Strokes’ early stuff –  I definitely like it.
An excerpt from Pitchfork’s review:

Surf City’s backwards-looking NZ rock comes off not redundant but absolutely charming. Even at a brisk and easy-to-miss 20 minutes, the six-song EP provides pure pop nostalgia but also a reminder of what some may have missed the first time around. Heck, even the disc’s brevity feels like a throwback, as does the fact that this set of rousing guitar-pop sounds like it could have been recorded in an actual garage. All that’s missing is the crackle of vinyl for the illusion to be complete. How far the group can take its second-hand facsimile is another matter entirely, but for the time being, Surf City’s pleasure for pleasure’s sake approach already has me pining for more.

“Dickshakers Union” (YSI)

“Records of a Flagpole Skater” (YSI)

“Mt. Kill” (YSI)

Pavement “Box Elder” (YSI) from Westing By Musket and Sextant

No Age “Neck Escaper” (YSI) from Weirdo Rippers

The Strokes “Hawaii Aloha” (YSI)

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