Eddie Vedder Talks Music, Activism


Today is the big day Pearl Jam fans have been waiting for: the rerelease of their debut album Ten in a bunch of awesome variations. With that release has come some mainstream press coverage, like this interview with Eddie Vedder in Newsweek.

I’m getting old and forget when this song was recorded and how it was released, but here’s Pearl Jam’s “Just A Girl”.

Pearl Jam “Just A Girl”

More pics of EV:

eddie vedder jill mccormick

eddie vedder


eddie vedder

eddie vedder

eddie vedder

eddie vedder


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3 responses to “Eddie Vedder Talks Music, Activism

  1. neuromeme

    I didn’t know Eddy smoke, I thought he was just a fan of drinking. “The Fixer” is a great single though .

  2. Drew

    While doing some research into fans’ perspective ab out the recent Pearl Jam album, I talked to quite a few people, old & new fans; they told me once they heard Vedder was with a model they labeled him a ‘sell-out” and feel that the music of Pearl Jam has lost its power over the decade/s, although Eddie manages to maintain Vocal depth.
    -Chris, what’s your say about this? (I just found this post today, I know its old)

  3. Hey Drew, I think peoples’ perspective on Eddie Vedder’s relationship with a model has changed now compared to the perspective of, say, 1992. The indie/punk rock ethos that sort of defined early to mid-90s music has come and gone; bands no longer profit the way they used to on album sales so it’s hard for them to say “We’re going to play shows, sell records and not participate in anything commercial.” Not that marrying and having children with a model is the same as using Ticketmaster or not using Ticketmaster. For years Eddie was in a relationship with Beth Liebling, apparently it didn’t work out, he met a new woman, she’s a model, it’s working out, I don’t see the big deal.

    As far as Pearl Jam’s sound is concerned, sure it’s changed. A band’s sound usually changes over the course of 18 or 19 years, but I don’t think it’s the same as a band’s sound changing from Record 1 to Record 3, or Record 2 to Record 3; the important thing to remember is they weren’t exactly at the mercy of a major label A&R department this time around, nor did they ever surrender to that entity, Pearl Jam has always made the records and the music they wanted, and I have high praise for that.

    Sorry for the delayed response, I get a little lazy being a full time working man and a student at the same time!


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