Thanks to The FADER/Southern Comfort!

I just checked my mailbox and in it waiting for me was a lovely package from The FADER (which is especially spectacular as this is my last day at this address) containing not only the most recent release from the FADER/Southern Comfort 7″ Series (#9, consisting of Little Boots “Magical” with “I’m A Fool” by Wild Yaks on the flip), but also #8 as well, which features Telepathe’s “Heat” and 77Klash’s “Caroline”.


Click here to download both tracks for free.

This isn’t the first time I’ve acquired a FADER/Southern Comfort 7″, I’ve entered pretty every contest they’ve run and, though you’ll only decrease my odds of winning, you can stay on top of them here.

As you probably know if you’ve visited this blog from time to time, I’m a huge fan of artists, especially emerging artists, covering jams by established artists or offering their take, and thereby celebrating, the music being created by other emerging artists.  On that note, here’s Little Boots doing just that (via amfmpm) thrice thrice thrice:

Little Boots “Day ‘N’ Nite (Kid Cudi cover)”

Little Boots “What Is Love (Haddaway cover)”

Little Boots “Ready for the Floor (Hot Chip)”


(clockwise from top left: #1, containing M Ward’s “Magic Trick (feat. Jim James/Kansas City remix)” and “Soap” by Ladyhawke; #2, containing “Want War” by Mavado and “Tool” by Busy Signal; #9; #8)

Founded by Jon Cohen & Rob Stone, and published by Andy Cohn, The FADER magazine is part of an awesome network of media properties – like FADER Films, FADER Label,, RCRD LBL & The Tripwire – making the lives of culture junkies like myself easier since like back in the 90s.

More on The FADER:

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  1. Jon C

    You rule C Hanaka. Come visit us in NYC.

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