Animal Collective’s Panda Bear REMIXED


(drawing by Maureen Gubia)

I caught the Glasvegas show with Ida Maria earlier this week at Paradise with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and we were discussing some of the lineups for this year’s upcoming music festivals, and got to discussing All Tomorrow’s Parties NY going down this September in Monticello, NY, which I’m excited about because it features not only Animal Collective, but a Panda Bear set as well.  My friend had yet to hear Person Pitch (he has now and thinks it’s excellent ),we got to talking about that record (which I’m a huge fan of) and I then shared some remixes with him.

Here are a few of the originals (streaming) with corresponding (and downloadable) remixes:


“Bro’s (Terrestrial Tones remix)”

“Bro’s (Cousin Cole’s No Bro Mo Bro remix)”

“Bro’s (Los Amparito – Banda Pear Mix)”

Animal Collective “Bro’s (live 9/11/09 – All Tomorrow’s Parties)”

“Comfy in Nautica”

“Comfy in Nautica (Turbostation remix)”

“Comfy in Nautica (XXXchange)”

“Comfy in Nautica (Mr Devlin’s Jamaica Plain Humpbacks remix)”

“Comfy in Nautica (Ernest Gonzales remix)”

“I’m Not”

“I’m Not (sayCET remix)”

“I’m Not (Phaseone remix)”

“I’m Not (Bicycle Day remix)”


Panda Bear “Bro’s (Live at ZDB, Lisbon, Portugal)”

More on All Tomorrow’s Parties:

all tomorrow's parties new york

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One response to “Animal Collective’s Panda Bear REMIXED

  1. boobly boop

    in case you’re still interested in the lyrics of the ruby suns version of palmitos park…

    And I come back to repeat what you say like a parrot to its owner…

    Everyone knows that I teach you… the stories of the UFO, and the rhythms and the moves, and the rhythms and the moves

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