New Band I’m Digging: Sin Fang Bous

sin fang bous

I’ve been talking up the band Surf City quite a bit recently while failing to mention another band while picking up their Surf City EP from Morr Music, Sin Fang Bous., whose most recent full length Clangour was released on February 19th. Sin Fang Bous is a project by Sindri Már Sigfússon from Iceland, who also founded the band Seabear. While Seabear is focussed on folky music, Sin Fang Bous is Sindri’s playground for his more experimental songs.

“Nothings” (mp3) from Not Even Lightly

“Lies” (mp3) from Clangour

“Catch the Light” (mp3) from Clangour

“Sinkership” (mp3) from Clangour

“Melt Down the Knives” (mp3) from Clangour

“Clangour and Flutes” (mp3) from Clangour

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