New Band I’m Kinda Digging: Efterklang


According to Wikipedia, Efterklang (the Danish word for remembrance and reverberation) is a Folktronica group formed on January 2001 in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. The group consists of five core members: Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen, Thomas Husmer, Rune Mølgaard and Rasmus Stolberg. When performing live, the core five-piece band is complemented with the addition of violinist/singer Peter Broderick, trombonist/singer Niklas Antonson, pianist/singer Anna Brønsted and guitarist/singer Frederik Teige.

According to my friend their recent show in Boston (Cambridge) at TT’s was pretty spectacular; the way he described them made a band like Godspeed You Black Emperor come to mind, though he did say their studio sound differed greatly from that which he experienced, so “try to get ahold of some of their live stuff” was his suggestion. That I’ve done, as well as getting ahold of music from the aforementioned “not as good as when performed live” studio releases.

“Mirador” from Parades

“Mirador (Live in SF, 5/08)”

“Caravan” from Parades

“Caravan (Live on Swedish TV, 2008)”

“Cutting Ice to Snow” from Parades

“Cutting Ice to Snow (live)”

“Toward the Bare Hills” from Under Giant Trees

“Monopolist” from Tripper

“Monopolist (live)”

“Step Aside” from Tripper

“Step Aside (Live on Swedish TV, 2008)”

“Swarming” from Tripper

“Swarming (Live)”

“Redrop” from Springer

Efterklang has since returned to Europe but if you find yourself reading this post on that side of the lake then you just might be in luck:

  • Apr 25 2009      Performing Parades concert w. Britten Sinfonia – Leeds Academy     Leeds
  • Aug 14 2009     BeatDay / Valbyparken     Copenhagen
  • Sep 11 2009     End of The Road Festival     Dorset, UK
  • Sep 11 2009     Bestival     Isle of Wight


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