No Mas Says “Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn”

Stolen. 1957. I have the t-shirt version No Mas released about a year or so ago, being a hand-me-down fan of the Bums, but check out this recently released hoodie found on Turntable Lab:

brooklyn dodgers no mas turntable lab

Brooklyn-themed audio accompaniment:

Jay-Z “Brooklyn (Go Hard) feat. Santigold”

Mos Def “Brooklyn (Go Hard)”

Santigold “Guns of Brooklyn (The Clash)”

Frightened Rabbit “Last Tango in Brooklyn”


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2 responses to “No Mas Says “Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn”

  1. J. Able

    Do not ever buy from No Mas. It will take forever to get your order and they might forget your order. It took 1 month for me to get my order, then they would not answer any emails that I sent to them. They do not leave a phone number online, so the only way to contact them is through email. Then they told me they overlooked my order a month later.. I would suggest not to order from them!

  2. You are a liar, J. Able. I know you Josh and you are not funny. No Mas is great and you need to stop all this nonsense… Can I still come over to dinner on Monday?


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