Chris Hanaka Has Gone Fishing…

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About two months or so ago I decided to take this blog more ‘seriously’.

By ‘seriously’ I suppose I mean trying to create five new posts per week (twice a week create two posts and find a way to create one more sometime during the remaining five days) while actively looking for new, relevant content.  As I write this it’s just about May 20th, and I’d rather not spend a considerable amount of time indoors if I need not.

Now now, dear readers, that’s not to say that this is permanent. Nothing is. And Stella did get her groove back eventually, it happened somewhere on the grounds of a Sandal’s resort in Jamaica (she was burnt out, fed up, sick of the rat race!) – at least that’s how the trailer depicted the setting (cuz I totally haven’t seen that movie, seriously, though I did see maybe five minutes of it once on TNT or TBS, Saturday afternoon fashion).

For the next day or two or three or thirty I’m SOOOOO not blogging… until I wake up in the morning, have a large coffee and suddenly/totally reconsider.

All this hiatus really means is: I need to get myself back to NYC and this summer might be a failure unless this objective is completed. But that’s only the start of it, really. Over the next few months, I will:

  • find a new gig in NYC (you already know that one…)
  • find a place to live in my old neighborhood in Park Slope
  • deal with the negative but focus only on the positive
  • say sorry for stuff I’m sorry about
  • head back to Europa
  • make plans to hit South America next winter
  • say goodbye to all those yesterdays…
  • learn to play Coldplay’s “The Scientist” on piano (you know, for like wakes & weddings & such…), which is odd because if you know my taste in music, you’re well aware of the fact that I don’t listen to Coldplay…
  • find love love love… mon cherie… my French skills are overwhelming

Coldplay “The Scientist”

Pearl Jam “All Those Yesterdays”

Aimee Mann “The Scientist (live)”

Johnette Napolitano “The Scientist (live)”

I still remember the first time I heard that song. I was in Amsterdam, it was probably a day or two before New Year’s Eve and I’d just completed one of those “I feel like I’ve been walking around in circles, how many times can I go over the same bridge” walks that can really only happen in Amsterdam and, stopping off to check my email at an internet cafe, heard the song over the speakers, thought of a love that had ended (love, moihahahaha!), and immediately started crying.  For whatever it’s worth I do cry at the end of like almost every movie.  You should’ve seen me after Gracie Is Gone!! Ha, it turns out the movie is actually called Grace Is Gone… I like Gracie better. Anyway, I saw it… and cried.


Ok ok ok, I did just happen upon this post by the always affable Roman.


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4 responses to “Chris Hanaka Has Gone Fishing…

  1. lifeinthekeyofme

    you’re moving to NY? You know that I am as well, right? Going to live in Brooklyn and have no shame in rooting for the Sox in NY.

    Does that mean we’re gonna be neighbors?

  2. oh yeh, I had the displeasure of taking in the 2003 ALCS while living in NYC and the 2007 WS, cheering for the Red Sox in NYC is particularly gratifying when surrounded by an office full of Yankees fans, though the second time around it was mostly Mets fans – but either way, when you get to the East Coast you need to get up to Boston, we have two season tickets in Sec 120, Row EE.

  3. Dre

    Your hiatus saddens me. I found your site after searching for Vanderlylle Cry Baby by the National Since – I have enjoyed your music posts.

  4. It’s just for a month, to meditate, do Yoga on the beach, and then I’ll be back, and THANK YOU, I’ll remind myself of this when I don’t feel like creating any new posts :) chris

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