Modern Love: A View from the Margins

modern love

I meant to post this earlier but flaked on it…

Just finished the most recent essay on modern love in the New York Times, by Louise Rafkin, and found her experience, that of a writer hired by a local newspaper to interview couples about ‘love’; in some ways I related to this excerpt:

I had dated this last not-right person for more than a year. On paper, we looked great together, with similar passions and compatible quirkiness. Yet I’d known from the beginning that something was missing: we had sparks, but no fireworks, a small flame that remained small despite my most ardent fanning. Occasionally she would sleep with someone else, though it hardly bothered me. That other person, it seemed to me, was no more her final destination than I was. Until, that is, she migrated permanently into that other person’s bed.

Audio accompaniment (various takes on the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Modern Romance”):

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Modern Romance”

TV on the Radio “Modern Romance”

Twilight Sad “Modern Romance”

The Low Lows “Modern Romance”

Rag Dolls “Modern Romance”

TV on the Radio “Walking the Cow”

Starfucker “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

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