Remembering the ‘Glory Days’ of The Boston Globe


Another interesting ready from today was actually found online, via a friend, at, penned by Kevin Armstrong: “Ray Fitzgerald, Will McDonough and the glory days of the Boston Globe: the greatest sports staff ever”:

From the mid-1970s to the early ’80s, the Globe contained arguably the greatest collection of reporting talent ever assembled in a sports section, one that was unrivaled in its time and is sure never to be duplicated in an industry that today is bleeding talent. In those halcyon days, the staff’s charge from hard-driving editor Dave Smith was: If a story warranted front-page space, cover it live. Reporter Will McDonough‘s directive back to Smith was elemental enough to be a Twitter post: “Get us space, money and get out of the way.”

Space? They were afforded reams. Money? Smith rarely heard the term “budget” used at the family-owned paper. Editorial guidance? Only this: Reinvent the form. Take risks.

In a Red Sox-crazy town, Smith managed a lineup that was sportswriting’s equivalent of the 1927 Yankees. Filing from Fenway was Peter Gammons, a fast-typing twenty-something who shagged flies in the outfield with the team most afternoons and scooped opposing writers in the clubhouse at night. Covering the Celtics courtside at the old Boston Garden above North Station was Bob Ryan, forever talking 75 mph in a 50 mph zone. High above the Hub’s happenings was mustachioed columnist Leigh Montville, who, as Gammons says, “saw the world from a hot-air balloon.” Blowing in and out of town was the correspondent Bud Collins, who commented on all sports but who was (and is) renowned as the greatest tennis writer extant. Joining Gammons at the Fens was Larry Whiteside, a pioneer by being the only African-American on the beat. Each of these writers contributed coverage for the ’75 Series. Six of the Globe‘s 10 bylined reporters would go on to be honored by various Halls of Fame, with one (John Powers) winning a Pulitzer Prize.

“We had DiMaggio, Gehrig and Ruth,” says Smith.

Well, at least I got to catch the tailend, audio accompaniment:

Bruce Springsteen “Glory Days”

The Avett Brothers “Glory Days (Boss cover)”

Via Anyone’s Guess:

Paul Simon w/ The Roots “Late in the Evening (live on Jimmy Fallon 6/2/09)”

Paul Simon “Late in the Evening”

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