25 Years of Prince’s “When Doves Cry”

spin magazine purplish rain prince purple rain

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain, Spin will release Purplish Rain, an album of covers by contemporaries of Prince.  Here’s the full track listing:

  1. “Let’s Go Crazy” RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS
  3. “The Beautiful Ones” FOL CHEN
  4. “Computer Blue” OF MONTREAL
  5. “Darling Nikki” CHAIRLIFT
  6. “When Doves Cry” THE TWILIGHT SINGERS
  7. “I Would Die 4 U” MARIACHI EL BRONX
  8. “Baby I’m a Star” CRAIG WEDREN
  9. “Purple Rain” LAVENDER DIAMOND

The album will be a free download available for Spin magazine subscribers and online readers June 23rd, in the mean time here’s a bunch of versions of “When Doves Cry”:

Prince & the Revolution “When Doves Cry”

The Afghan Whigs “When Doves Cry”

My Brightest Diamond “When Doves Cry”

Incubus “When Doves Cry”

Damien Rice “When Doves Cry”

The Be Good Tanyas “When Doves Cry”

David Kitt “When Doves Cry”

Trick Daisy “When Doves Cry”

Niveous “When Doves Cry”

The Amplid “When Doves Cry”

The Caucasian Boys “When Doves Cry”

Alchemical Boys “When Doves Cry”

Clay Aiken “When Doves Cry”

Two Ton Annie “When Doves Cry”


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37 responses to “25 Years of Prince’s “When Doves Cry”

  1. sally

    I saw a Clay Aiken concert and he was ridiculing prince….and kenny chesney……and justin timberlake. He shouldn’t be allowed to sing other people’s music. Oh wait, he doesn’t have any of his own music!

    Rock on the one and ONLY Prince! You’re an original!

  2. June

    On the contrary. He did a fantastic job with his rendition of When Doves Cry. Sally, the Chesney and Timberlake segments were a part of the Classics Medley from the 2007 tour. (By the way, he did not ridicule them. He poked fun at himself for not being “cool.”) He did not perform any Prince music on that tour, but he DID perform two songs that he co-wrote, so you might want to check your facts before commenting.

  3. Susan

    Clay did a great job of singing When Doves Cry in concert…it was quite a treat.

  4. marty

    Sally…..you posted the exact same thing at another site this morning. SO WRONG!!!

    It is obvious that you don’t like Clay. Fine……..BUT stop lying. It gets old and everyone can see right through you!!!

    Clay sang When Dove Cry in more than one of his tours and the crowd LOVED it because it was not what they expected. It was sooooo good.

    I hope you all have a chance to see it for yourself.

  5. Dale

    I must have seen Clay during that same concert. Funny, I didn’t think he was ridiculing them, just demonstrating to people that he really wasn’t cool by demonstrating while trying to sing their songs. He did a great job, and is a really funny guy in concert! I’m sure he meant no disrespect to any of those artists.

  6. lulu

    Sally – the medley you are referring to, re Clay Aiken, was a spoof on purpose. And Clay DOES have his own music – he is not a song writer but he has written a few. Check out youtube for Lover All Alone. A brilliant song.

    As for Prince, he is one of a kind. Love WDC and many other songs. 25 years went by fast!

  7. js

    Why is this person knocking Clay Aiken on a Prince site? Typical of people who have it in for Clay now, they go all around the internet and have to say something nasty. Pity people are so hateful. Actually I saw Clay sing When Doves Cry several times and he sang it well. He never ridiculed Prince at all.

  8. copingincalifornia

    Your link to the Clay Aiken version is broken. Search on Youtube or try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad3-cjBijm4

  9. Sue

    I absolutely adore Prince!!! What an amazing singer, songwriter and performer!!

    I gotta admit I was shocked to hear Clay Aiken sing When Doves Cry – but he was very good, nice take on the song.

    Sally, it’s called Parody – P-A-R-O-D-Y. Just in case you don’t understand what that means, here’s the definition: “any humorous, satirical, or burlesque imitation, as of a person, event, etc.”

  10. Judy Anderson

    Just to be clear…Clay did not ridicule anyone…He was making fun of himself..cause he is NOT COOL! It was great, and fun… Too bad you missed that point.
    Oh and by the way….yes..he does have his own music…. If you’re going to make a comment, please get your facts straight….

    Now back to the subject…I have always loved “When Doves Cry”.. and yes..I love Clay’s version of it… He also sang a little bit of “Party Like 1999” It was great too.


  11. tnmtmama

    I saw so many Clay Aiken concerts and he NEVER ridiculed Prince or anyone else. He was making a joke about his own singing style not being “Cool” like the others.

  12. Anne

    I love Prince and am in awe of his long-standing career.

    But, just so people know – Clay Aiken is quite tongue-in-cheek when he wants to be and he was making fun of himself by saying he wasn’t ‘cool’ enough to be on the radio.

    He then proceeded to rock the pants off all the songs he performed by the current artists of today.

    I haven’t laughed so much or had so much fun at a concert in years as I did when he parodied HIMSELF singing those songs.

  13. June

    Love Prince and in awe of his fine career. Saw Clay sing WDC several times — he did a great job. He was having fun on stage at his tour in 2007 really making fun of himself as not being “cool” as Timberlake, Prince, etc. It was a parody. Clay really puts on a great concert. Hope he tours again soon.

  14. corinne

    ClayAiken is a great concert performer, and can sing most anything well. His take on WDC was tongue in cheek but he sang the crap out of the song…and managed to make people smile while doing that. He should be on tv with his own show so that more people could enjoy his talent.

  15. sally

    Uh…WHO was Clay making fun of when he got on his knees and waddled himself around the stage???? Prince! you idiot obsessive Claymates! I’m a sometime Clay fan but really a GOOD music fan. You Claymates run off anyone who likes ANYONE more than Clay. (and it’s REALLY hard to like Clay after all of these years of boring music)

  16. sally

    And as for Clay singing WDC….he used it to make fun of himself and the idiot Claymates who didn’t get it that he is gay!! It is the campiest performance EVAH by any artist and yes you can go to youtube and see it for yourself. So sorry you didn’t get that.

  17. chris

    Sally, you are a really hateful person. Why are you pretending to be a Clay fan when it’s so obvious you despise him enough to go all over the net ridiculing him? You’re not fooling anyone. Yes, Prince is great, but so is Clay in his own way. The reason he’s lasted so long amongst the Idol flotsom & jetsom is that he IS original, unique & one of a kind. He’s a great performer in concert & the fact that you don’t know that means you’re lying about ever going to one of his shows. The only camp I see on this site is YOU pretending to be something you’re not. Now run back to the fugly frog’s blog & think up another bogus story to send to the tabloids.

  18. Anne

    Jeez, Sally, what exactly IS your problem?

    No one asked you to come here and go on a rampage. Are you upset because Clays fans still like him or because you don’t?

  19. Sue

    Sally, you’re funny!!!! Have a good night.

  20. Bob

    sally, your hate is showing. Get your life and your facts straightened out.

  21. tomi

    Here’s an mp3 that works:

    Not campy at all, in fact, quite a good vocal performance. Some people refuse to allow Clay to stretch & that’s their loss. He’s so much more than ballad boy & he’s proven it in concert over & over again. I have 2 male friends who love Timberlake & think Clay sang “SexyBack” better than the original.

  22. Kendra

    Uh…WHO was Clay making fun of when he got on his knees and waddled himself around the stage???? Prince!

    WTF? That never happened!

  23. marty

    Feeling better now, Sally??

    If you were not going from site to site saying the same thing, I might think you were just expressing your opinion. But since I have read the same thing from you all other Clay mentions I know you are only here to share hatred. So sad.

    And Sally, Clay didn’t sing WDC on his last tour. That was the only time he was on his knees. Get your facts straight.

  24. sally

    Reading back over some of the comments by the Claymates…you just don’t get it. Clay was being sarcastic about the current top 40 music – that kind of music makes his ears bleed don’t you know. He wants NOTHING to do with it, not even top 40 radio play. Yeah, I liked him, but then I was disappointed that he couldn’t even come CLOSE to contributing any worthy music. No great loss, at least there is still Prince, and now Adam Lambert.

  25. Sally

    Just thought you’d like to hear from “Sally” with a capital “S.” Not the same person as the other ‘sally.’ This Sally enjoyed Clay’s WDC and his “sexy tractor” song. They were sung in two different concert tours. One cannot help wondering why, if you didn’t like his performances, you would even go to more than one concert.

    If it’s so hard to like him, then just don’t!! He has plenty of fans who adore him, so don’t worry–you won’t be missed.

  26. diane

    Wow Sally you need to get a grip. Prince is one of a kind.

  27. js

    Sally, is ragging on Clay so important to you that you must go all over the internet to do it? What a pity.

  28. Sue

    you know, this blog is about When Doves Cry, not about Clay Aiken.

    When I saw the movie Purple Rain I absolutely fell in LOVE with Prince!! He is electric to watch and listen to.

    He’s had an amazing career, spanning 32 years (WOW!!!!). He’s only 51 years old, so we may be blessed with his music for many years to come.

    Thanks for the blog!

  29. Kim

    What a great tribute to Prince . It is amazing to see the variety of artists who have covered When Doves Cry . Thanks for the Tribute Album news .

    I have no idea what the issue is with sally but a good therapist could help .

    Peace .

  30. mandy

    WOW….here comes the claymates again. NO-ONE and I mean no-one, dare say anything other than glowing remarks about clay, or you are attacked! Shame really, as they are the ones that have had a Big share in his failing career. (that includes the women signing in as men on here. They want people to think he ‘Still’ has all these men fans)..:(

    I saw/heard him sing WDC and he was good. To think back now about it, it really is hilarious. :)

  31. Megan

    Sally…you messed up and let it slip! You’re an Adam Lambert fan and THAT is the problem! Instead of bashing Clay, just let it go and go be a fan of your new Idol. Clay fans just want to enjoy Clay and you should do the same with Adam. I hope you enjoy his career half as much as we have enjoyed Clay’s! It’s been amazing!

  32. wmm

    Funny how the Claymates think that just one person posts negative thoughts about Clay Aiken on the internet. He’s fairly unpopular isn’t he?

    I wish Prince didn’t have to put so much energy into battling where his music is played. He should enjoy life more.

  33. Roma

    This is interesting, I had no idea so many artists covered this song. Congrats Prince for a successfully long career. I’ve enjoyed your music. For the rest of you come on, whats with all the hate. Thats whats wrong with the world these days, everyone haten on each other. Peace out Sally who cares. If you can’t say anything nice stay out of it.

  34. diane

    Oh I get it now Sally. Not a Prince fan but an OTT Adam Lambert fan. Makes me understand your rants better now.

  35. Dale

    mandy, Clay Aiken has numerous male fans, as does Prince. Have you ever been to a concert by either Prince or Clay? Lots of men, although I would say most are gay. Please don’t make assumptions about the gender of all those posting here. You know the old saying about the word “assumption”?

  36. mandy

    DALE……yes, its true that clay does have ‘some’ male fans. Just not as many as he had. I do know that ‘some’ of his female fans DO post as a male on various articles concerning clay. I know that for fact!! I did go to many concerts for clay and his JBT was the best. I just lost interest, as he doesn’t seem interested in music anymore and when he talked about his crotch is his last Christmas concert. (boy did he change) His last CD sucked big time. IF, and ‘thats a BIG IF’, he puts out another CD, I fully expect it to be about the same…unfortunetely.

    This is more about Prince and I do apologize for not adding that before. As someone posted above….Purple Rain…..loved it and almost everything he put out since. Very talented man.

  37. Big Daddy

    MAAN!!! Prince is the BEST EVER!! F*** MJ!!! Prince is the Real DEAL!!!

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