Passion Pit “Sleepyhead” U&C

Better late than never… I was perusing Hype Machine a little while ago and saw their feed jammed with Passion Pit tracks and upon further inspection saw quite a few remixes for the first jam from the Cambridge-based group that really hooked me, “Sleepyhead,” particularly the whole ‘Cambridge-based’ part and that the music was originally created as a Valentine’s Day gift for a girlfriend… stole my move. Also, my roommate is reading Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham so it only seems natural that this be the latest installment of Uncovered & Covered.

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead”

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead (acoustic piano)”

Ellie Goulding “Sleepyhead (feat. Starsmith)”

Run Toto Run “Sleepyhead”

Emil “Sleepyhead”

Adrian Simon “Sleepyhead”

As Tall As Lions “Sleepyhead”

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead (Bo Flex Yes Giantess remix)”

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead (Joel’s Inch from the Edge of the Bed remix)”

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead (Kids at the Bar remix)”

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead (Landau ‘Wake Up’ remix)”

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead (Master Shortie remix)”

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead (Mr. Vega remix)”

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead (Mummers remix)”

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead (The Knocks remix)”

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