Big Star “Thirteen” (U&C)

The latest installment of Uncovered & Covered is one that should have probably been posted sooner as it has been covered so many times in the past already… anyway, here is Big Star’s “Thirteen” from 1972’s #1 Record.

Big Star “Thirteen”

Big Star “Thirteen (alternate mix)”

Big Star “Thirteen (live)”

Elliott Smith “Thirteen”

Elliott Smith “Thirteen (live 9.21.06)”

Elliott Smith “Thirteen (live 6.2.98)”

Wilco “Thirteen”

Dolly Varden “Thirteen”

Kathryn Williams “Thirteen”

Mary Lou Lord “Thirteen”

Garbage “Thirteen”

Kind of Like Spitting “Thirteen”


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5 responses to “Big Star “Thirteen” (U&C)

  1. Drestu

    Do you have the Wilco “Thirteen” bite labeled correctly? Who is singing?? Is it just Wilco playing?

    Thanks for the info.

  2. Ok, I’m not sure what happened but often when you upload two of the same file names to only one file is actually created, but it should be fixed now.

  3. Drestu

    Is that how you upload your music?

    I would like to create music files like this but don’t know how.

  4. yes, I use, I upload the file then copy it and all you need to do to have the audio player appear is type: [audio: http://wherethefileishostedonboxnet.mp3%5D

  5. there should be a second bracket ] after .mp3

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