New Band I’m Digging: Joe Gideon & The Shark

I just got into the music of Joe Gideon & the Shark recently when reading about the new Archie Bronson Outfit (one of my favorite bands ever) record Coconut due out in March, their first in nearly four years.  In this review the aforementioned Shark performed with ABO as she dates Mark (aka Arp) of the aforementioned ABO.  Anyway, Joe Gideon & the Shark, a brother and sister duo I might add, both former members of Bikini Atoll as well, have released Harum Scarum to fond reviews (such as this one from Quietus).

Joe Gideon & the Shark “Civilisation”

Joe Gideon & the Shark “True Nature”

Joe Gideon & the Shark “Johan Was A Painter And Arsonist”

Joe Gideon & the Shark “DOL”

Archie Bronson Outfit “Cherry Lips”

Archie Bronson Outfit “Dart For My Sweetheart”

Archie Bronson Outfit “Dead Funny”

Archie Bronson Outfit Coconut teaser vid:

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