Astral Heights “Ship of Theseus”

I love bands of brothers, not the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers though that was cool, but bands consisting of brothers (i.e. Kings of Leon, The National, Jackson 5, Radiohead, Oasis, The Beach Boys, The Cribs, The Kinks, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Elbow). I think this has something to do with the fact that I have two brothers and two half brothers, but either way I’ve always loved the ideas of brothers being in bands together – one of my favorite songs ever is even titled “Bro’s” – so it’s no surprise that I’ve taken to the music of LA-based Astra Heights (consisting of four brothers and one “honorary brother”).

Astra Heights play “crisp, melodic, timeless rock and roll meant to fill big spaces” (it’s a very accurate description), and they have a new album, Ship of Theseus, which you can download now (FOR FREE) just by clicking here.  A little about the album:

The “Ship of Theseus” is a paradox of identity. Theseus was a King from Ancient Greece whose war boat was brought back and held in a museum. In time the planks fell into disrepair and were replaced one by one. At one point it was called into question by the philosophers of the time whether or not it was still the same ship because so much of it was replaced. We wanted to apply that theme to the case of human identity, how much do life’s experiences change us? Are we the same entity at the end of our journey than we were in the beginning? I hope not, but then again, I hope so. We should be transformed; we should be changed, taken apart, and remade especially in ways that we would have never thought possible. Hopefully, we take lessons from our experiences and find peace with them. Of course, the album isn’t a concept album in the strict sense; it’s a loose collection that hovers around the theme of humility, awareness, and introspection.

Give the title track a listen and head to their BandCamp page to download their new music.

Astra Heights “Ship of Theseus”

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