Blur “Tender” (Uncovered & Covered)

Oh my baby/Oh my baby/Oh why?/Oh my…

Those words were stuck in my head for a long, long time when I was about 19 or 20… They are the words of what is probably my favorite Blur song, “Tender,” the first single from the band’s sixth album 13. “Tender,” like much of the album, describes Damon Albarn’s breakup Elastica singer Justine Frischmann (I bet she’s regretting it now more than ever).

Before I forget, this post is dedicated to my little brother; he loves this song as well.

A wee bit more about “Tender”:

The song’s lyrics were written by Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon and the vocals are shared on the track with backing vocals provided by the London Community Gospel Choir. During Coxon’s hiatus from the group, Blur continued to perform the song live with Albarn asking the audience to sing Coxon’s lines; “Oh my baby/Oh my baby/Oh why?/Oh my“. At Blur’s headline appearance at Reading Festival in 2003 he introduced the song by saying “I don’t want, for one moment, to be a sentimental but… Graham wrote this song as well… you know the bits he sings and I want you to sing them as loudly as you possibly can. Everyone needs to sing this song.”

Simply put, the song rules.

This being the case it is a most worthy addition to the Uncovered & Covered portion of this blog, HOWEVER, I’ll only be including versions which include Graham Coxon, so there will be no songs from their 2003, only versions from 1999 when Graham was still in the band and again in 2009 when Blur reformed and he was back the band. Word.

Blur “Tender”

Blur “Tender (Cornelius remix)”

Blur “Tender (Live in London – Wembley Arena ’99)”

Blur “Tender (Live in Spain – Canal Plus ’99)”

Blur “Tender (Live in London – Hippodrome ’99)”

Blur “Tender (Live on Jools Holland ’99)”

Blur “Tender (Live in Glastonbury 6/28/09)”

Blur “Tender (Live in London – Hyde Park 7/3/09)”

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