Pavement “Kentucky Cocktail”

While this song is at least in part, in all likelihood, about gambling at the Kentucky Derby given Bob Nastanovich’s equine passion, I’ve been making it my NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament jam, even though I didn’t even fill out a bracket this year, nor have I filled out a bracket the past 5+ years.  Whatever, it’s still an awesome Pavement song… right?

Pavement “Kentucky Coctail (from Slanted & Enchanted Luxe & Reduxe Disc 2 – John Peel Session 6/23/92)

Pavement “Kentucky Coctail (live 12/4/92 Rennes, France)

“Kentucky Cocktail” lyrics:

Thought I could walk
Through any door.
Any door left unlocked.
Turnstiles click, passengers leave.
Clerks never think, feet never bleed!

Over the stalls, pacers pace.
Lasix’s love can’t be traced.
I’ve got a system, I’ve got the line.
I’m on the inside, right every time!

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