Gone Fishing….

Taking a break from this blog until I can find an alternative to Box.net, which I’ve been using to host and play content/files, because they’ve deactivated my account because I’m apparently committing some form of copyright infringement… hopefully it won’t be too long of a fishing trip.  I had a bunch of sweet new jams to post too…




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6 responses to “Gone Fishing….

  1. Drestu


    Thank you for all the good tunes!

  2. It won’t be forever homey, I’m thinking of wedding music right now and I’m finding it a bit aggravating that I can’t post ten versions of “Then He Kissed Me”/”Then I Kissed Her” by The Crystals, Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Sonny & Cher, et al… very aggravating…

  3. Drestu

    For you? If so, congrats!

  4. I always knew you were a criminal ;>

    lemmie know if you find a host, i am looking too.

    miss u bunches.


  5. awww, miss you too alli!!

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