Sun Airway & An Amazing Woman

I’ve been listening to these two super Sun Airway tracks quite a bit the last week or so – oh hello, yes, I decided to update my blog for the first in a month – and wanted to share them. In other awesome news, I met the most amazing woman in the world (I think) and she likes music, which isn’t one and the same but close, and definitely cause for endless smiling.

Sun Airway “Put the Days Away”

Sun Airway “Waiting On You”


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2 responses to “Sun Airway & An Amazing Woman

  1. The Wounded Jukebox

    Thanks for this! And congrats! I’ll be expecting some equally amazing sad music if it doesn’t work out.

  2. I hope it works out as well and if I’m able to get out of bed if it doesn’t work out I’ll be sure to post some very depressing music, which I imagine I’ll be listening to day and night! Chris

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