Phoenix “1901” U&C


Here’s a couple jams (plus remixes) from Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, the follow-up to 2006’s It’s Never Been Like That.  The Parisian band performed both on SNL a couple weeks back. Also of note, here’s how Bob Lefsetz explains the band got to the States for the 4/4 taping:

Daniel Glass had received a phone call only weeks before.  Could his band Phoenix appear on April 4th?

A Parisian band, whose lead guitarist is the father of Sofia Coppola’s child, Phoenix started off behind Air, had a major label deal, but didn’t break through. They’re starting over again with Daniel.

Who heard their music and flipped, and when a song leaked to the Net, didn’t freak out, but went for the ride.  To the point where KCRW was airing their tracks and SNL called.

But there was one big problem.  VISAS!  The usual suspects said it couldn’t happen.  But it’s all in who you know.  Eventually, Daniel got hooked up with an attorney in D.C., who guaranteed the band could make it for the gig.  And delivered.  Funny how in the wake of 9/11 we’re so afraid of the wrong people getting in, that almost no one can get in.


“1901 (sayCet Remix)”
“1901 (UltraChorus Remix)”
“1901 (Diese Remix)”
“1901 (Fabian Remix)”

“1901 (NightWaves Remix)”
“1901 (The Garage Band Teenagers Remix)”
“1901 (M/F Nu Wave rmx)”
“1901 (Lapse Remix)

“1901 (Immuzikation Remix)”

“1901 (Ivan Beck dub remix)”

“1901 (JMP remix)”

“1901 (Mr Vega remix)”

“1901 (One For The Team remix)”

“1901 (Pete Herrs symphonic remix)”

“1901 (RAC Maury remix)”

“1901 (Remco Durez remix)”

“1901 (Tatelarock and Troublemaker remix)”

“1901 (Tremulance remix)”

“1901 (Alan Wilkis remix)”

“1901 (Build remix)”

Panda Bear “I’m Not (sayCet Remix)”

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