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There Was Talk of Joy Division

I’m a lovely man. One of the lovely things I do is pick up a lunatic from an asylum on Tuesdays at noon and take him to a bookstore and then to grab tacos. He likes to ramble endlessly to me about philosophical things which usually go way over my head but bring about the response “very, very interesting” anyway. One of the things he mentioned which did not go over my head was that life didn’t get any better than driving around with a wonderful man wearing a fedora (me!) and listening to the new Arcade Fire album; in fact, it actually made my day. Another thing he said was that all he usually ever listened to – and this is why I should give him my copy of The Suburbs (I did…) – was Joy Division and The Mars Volta, and sometimes Bjork, for the sake of adding the sacred feminine to the equation. We talked of Joy Division. We spoke of Control. And we mentioned favorite songs: his being “Colony” and mine being “Digital”. Enjoy. And enjoy the band performing in Paris the year I was born (link below).

Joy Division “Digital”

The Mars Volta “Inertiatic ESP”

Bjork “Hyper-Ballad”

Joy Division Live in Paris (12/18/1979)

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